Doomsday Racers Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The load screen
This is shown at the start of the game, between races, and whenever the game is doing something
The game's main menu
Options allows the player to adjust the sound, redefine some action keys and set up the joystick.
Race setup takes the player through mode & vehicle selection etc
Some action keys can be redefined, but not those that control steering
The car selection screen
Note there are no performance stats for this, or any other, vehicle
The start of a race in tournament mode
The player always starts at the back. Camera angles are all automatic
No matter what happens the car will not break
A night time race under the Space Dome
When the player hits an obstacle like this they are stuck. They must press SPACE to have the car replaced on the track so that they can continue
The end of a tournament.
The player came last so nothing was unlocked