Abuse (DOS)

Abuse Screenshots

DOS version

The story is just an excuse to blast loads of creeps
The controls; using the mouse you can fire in one direction while running in another direction
Cool teleport animation
kill the red creatures
nice view
Activate the laser turrets and they'll blast the aliens to pieces
Killing bugs is your main activity in this game
The game comes with a level editor
Equipped with the fly power-up you need to get past these mines
Firing at a large robot, one of the few enemies in the game besides the omni-present ants/aliens
The leg upgrade increases your running speed
Like in the movies, these Alien rip-offs can crawl on the ceiling
An underground level. A bunch of Ants in their cocoon... for now
Incoming! Two rockets on my tail
Kill 'em all: wasting creeps with the flame-thrower while falling down a large tube
Main Menu (v2.0)
Loading a saved game (v2.0)
Tons of guns (v2.0)
Learning to play (v2.0)
Main Menu (v0.33 beta)
Register Now! (v0.33 beta)
Old storyline from v1.05, before the plot change in v2.0