Blood: Plasma Pak Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Title screen
The additional episode
Cryptic Passage for Blood contains many large out-door areas.
Game shot: 5th episode
The Incinerator is a deadly weapon.
Level 2 - Fighting inside a shopping center.
Break these mirrors and mini-Calebs attack, a la Army of Darkness.
Level 3 - Public Storage
New plant enemy shoots fireballs like a turret.
Level 4 - Aqueducts.
Blowing up a Cabal ship.
Level 5 - the namesake Ruined Temple.
New green-robed cultists toss dynamite.
Level 6 - Forbidden Rituals
Poison plant enemy and new Tesla cultist.
Preparing to crash said forbidden ritual.
Level 7 - The Dungeon. Baddies on the charge.
More of The Dungeon's dungeon.
Level 8 - Strange red-robed Cultists...
...transform into a new boss type!
Secret map - Lost Catacombs.
New multiplayer map based on Monolith's building.
One of the Monolith offices.
Second new multiplayer map - Power
Third new multiplayer map - Area 15