Burntime Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

The intro animation - before the bomb was dropped
Main title
Main menu with player selection
The main game map - here, you'll travel
Found some water in a shed - the whole well has only enough for some days
In a village
Conversation with a stranger - he still has dreams of better times
Massive dog population - they can be slaughtered, they give some meat
Trading with a street merchant
City of Heaven's Gate - here, you at least have a doctor and merchant, even if you must be unbelievable rich to pay them
Resident trader in Heaven's Gate (cutscene)
This place (Refinery) is radioactive. You better stay away unless you got a radiation suit (which is beyond anything you can afford)
Much stuff in here - that's because this city is owned by my opponent
The city of Hard Man's Death, in this case my opponent's base
Hey, cool, I found a tire!