Carmageddon Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Torn in pieces.
Car selection screen.
Pretty and dangerous.
He escapes, unfortunately.
Done front and behind.
Always look both sides before you cross.
Missed my target.
Hilarious expression #1.
Hilarious expression #2.
Hilarious expression #3.
Hilarious expression #4.
Bloody tire marks for extra detail.
You're rewarded for gory moves.
Thankfully there is a repair button.
Cought in the middle of it.
A little too happy.
Instant handbrake.
Not enough meat for everyone.
Just one of those flights across the town.
Treehugger act, a spontaneous one.
Hoppy-ho - here goes the oh-so-merry Lumberer!
Red beast in action. Neither too tough, nor too fast - but stubborn like all hells combined.
Just one of those friendly hugs.
Roads are for weaklings.
rock your socks i will
Instead of a road - a sewer, instead of a steering wheel - a joystick...
Almost like a plane, indeed.
Such an incredible amount of style in such a little beast.
When faced with this police six-wheeler, resistance does seem to be futile...
...and amphibiousness is its second nature.
Cops, cops, cops again.
...wherever the road may guide me.
Upside down? Who cares!
Cunning stunt bonus
A little crash
Loading screen
moment of silence and "usual" race. No pedestrian, opponent is far...
Choose your driver
Go to checkpoint
Second before make blood fountain
Bonus for artistic impression
Run, but you can't escape.
Title screen
Starting a race (VGA)