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DOS version

Introduction - one of the gargoyles comes to life...
Title screen
Main menu
Starting a new world - main options
Character creation
Lots of stats! :)
Game start - the companions meet at a local inn and vow brotherhood.
Check out news and gossip at the local inn.
At the local inn you can train various abilities, heal wounds, work to pay the rent, or just relax.
Travel screen
Sometimes the frontal approach doesn't always work when dealing with Robber Knights. A good rope and an open window quickens the bureaucracy rate of the entrance fee.
Prepare for combat! Challenging a Raubritter (Robber Knight) to personal combat.
Combat screen
Combat - getting rid of a demon at a hamlet practising satanic worship.
Spoils of war - defeating thugs in towns at night gradually increases your local reputation.
Maze exploration
Universities - home of the local snobbish academics that only speak Latin to further the intellectual arrogance. Which is way the prices here are expensive... but worth it.
Random events - a wandering knight challenges you a joust!
Human sacrifice for the local dragons...
Victory over evil! - after defeating a witch you have several options that you may choose from. Not all are beneficial to your cause however.
The Wild Hunt - First Contact. Sooner or later if you make the horned guys mad enough, they'll send in their Wild Hunt party after you next time!
Most battles take place in such random locations. These guards don't stand a chance against us... because of the Basic Difficulty selection, maybe
Buying stuff in towns
All villages are identical - that is, until you can prove that some of them worship the Devil
Refugees appear all the time
You can pray to saints to avoid combat. Results vary depending on your priest's (or a character type equivalent to priest, at least) skills
Boars charge at you. You pause the game to see some options. You suddenly remember you haven't had bacon for breakfast yet
Snowy landscape. Seasons change in real time in this game
I refused to give money to an annoying friar. He started cursing me. What could I do but attack and eventually slaughter him and his lackeys?..
...Hey, don't look at me, I was just following orders
You can make alchemical potions. You can then opt to throw them at enemies to scare them
Finally, you stumble on a plot-advancing quest - explore those mines. Fight bears, too!
Alchemy study
Sadly, most of the caves you encounter are completely useless. You can't explore them at all
Meet Moishe Rabinovich, a Noble Heir in medieval Germany! Oy, justice at least through games! :)
Party formation
So you want to be a fugitive? It's up to you, and the choices just go and multiply...
Game Over screen
Dialogue with a pharmacist. Moishe here is persuasive
Moishe Rabinovich takes on a fearsome demon!
Demonic battle on a bridge!
There are several dragon-related quests in the game. This is... well... one of them. I'm so scared that I open the Attack menu
A skirmish in a castle room. Nice rug!..
Casting a noxious cloud on giant spiders! The spiders don't seem to like that
There are some mysterious, poetic events in the game...
Why does St. John Chrysostome improve your LATIN? His entire work is written in Greek... Oh well
Fighting hellhounds in a cemetery!
Baphomet's Fortress - the game's ultimate location, with the most intimidating scenarios and creatures!
The Templar Monastery - a crucial main quest location! It's hard to find... and deadly for the unprepared