Dragon Wars Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Title screen
Character Status
ingame #1
Character statistics and inventory
The Stosstrupen - Namtar's Secret Police
Omnious Fellow - There's no way to kill this guy...he just runs off
Say hello to Mr. Humbaba. Purtagory's heavy weight tag team champion.
This is Mystalvision. Namtar's lapdog.
Praying to Irkalla
Purtagory city gate. No way your going through this way without a scratch or two. Or bodybag for that matter...
Your first encounter with Namtar.
Like our new chains? Buy the lastest chain fashion at your local slave shop today! Chains and cuffs sold separately.
The beginning...
Irkalla the Queen of Darkness, bound and shackled by Namtar.
The Dragon Brood Queen...that's one big mama!
Title screen (late-model CGA composite)
Title screen (CGA RGB)