The Elder Scrolls: Arena Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Title screen
Main menu
Creating a new character.
Chatting in an Queen's Golem.
The outdoor automap. You can add your own notes.
And it's 'drat those mice!' said she!
Ria Silmane is appearing in my dream.
Chatting with a local cleric.
Outside of a temple
City in the day
The local weaponsmith
Managing your inventory
Cities have varied descriptions; not sure if they are randomly generated, though
Whoever lives here should consider hiring a new interior decorator
On a terribly cold night in Morrowind, snow was falling, and I engaged in a desperate battle against a lonely lizardman
Each province has its own map with places of interest
Note the realistic details, such as clothes hanging on the line. I wonder if they copied it from Shanghai
Traveling screen shows you riding a horse with the map of entire Tamriel as the background
Like other recurrent special buildings, taverns look the same no matter in what city you are. You'll always meet this bartender and ask him about rumors and work
Most of the cities have such nice street lamps. Statues and monuments are less common, however
Outdoor exploration is more interesting in Arena than in Daggerfall. There is more activity, more... err... interesting characters
Temples have cartoony design that doesn't really go that well with the rest of the textures
Leaving the south, traveling to the more central provinces, with mild weather and standard medieval Europe-like themes
Look, I just wanted to enjoy the green scenery. Don't be such an orc about that
Believe it or not, this is the Imperial City. Not much of a capital, eh? The only thing that distinguishes it is this plain broad main street
Yeah, I know this is a sanctuary. That's why I asked you to stop moving and talking. You disturb my inner peace, you know what I'm sayin'?
Exploring a sewer-like dungeon. This goblin attacked while I was admiring that face engraving on the wall
Dungeons have convenient maps that fill out as you explore them. So much better than the 3D nightmares of Daggerfall
Chatting with the Queen of Rihad. She will tell me the location of one of the staff pieces if I do some work for her. Or so she says, at least
You can talk to a jester and hear insulting jokes about whatever race you choose for your protagonist :)
Stonekeep is an ominous place. This adventurer was less lucky than I'm going to be...
Various characters can be met in city streets, like this fire-breathing entertainer. Unlike common citizens, they don't go home after dark, and thus serve as an important source of directions.
Outside cities, you can ask people about local dungeons in the vicinity.
Summurset Isle offers quite spectacular outdoor views. This inn is located at the picturesque lakeside.
Priests in temples can heal or cure the player. You can also make a donation and receive the temple's blessings.
Items with unknown magical properties are highlighted in blue in the player's inventory. They can be identified later in a Mages' Guild.
You can haggle with merchants to get a better price, whether you're buying or selling. Similarly, it is possible to negotiate a price with innkeepers.
Identifying magic items, on the other hand, is always at a fixed price which depends on the item. You can haggle over the price of potions, spells and items you buy though.
Early winter in Morrowind. Note the fog and the building's reflection in the puddle.
A cold winter night in Elsweyr.
There are numerous holidays in the world of Tamriel, some of which are specific to cities or provinces. You can get certain bonuses such as a discount at the Mages' Guild during holiday time.
An encounter with a female Mage in a dungeon.
The player's journal keeps track of all important events and quests.
Townspeople will mark a location on the player's map if it is near enough. Otherwise they'll just give general directions towards the place.
A local ruler may send the player on an errand in another city or town. Such side-quests pay rather well.

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