Fantasy World Dizzy Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Title screen.
The castle's dungeon.
The secret passage to cave full of treasures.
Smuggler's cave.
The snap happy gator.
Moat and portocullis.
The banquet hall.
Dizzy and Denzil.
The east tower.
The guard house.
The dragon.
The broken bridge.
Looking out the sea.
Dizzy and Dozy.
The lift control hut.
Look! It's Denzil.
The dragon's lair.
Lift to the elders.
Upside down.
The market square.
Inside the church.
In the mines.
Very large bean.
The cloud castle entrance.
The cloud dungeon.
The old well.
A conversation with Dylan
This map can be found near the end of the game, in the cloud castle, and shows locations of all coins.