Guilty Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
A rendered sequence with a painted background.
Choose your protagonist: Ysanne or Jack.
Another rendered spaceship sequence.
The dialogue screen with multiple-choice sentences.
One location, two tasks: As Jack, you've got to disarm the missile...
...whereas Ysanne needs to repair the computer terminal.
There's a wrench lying in plain sight on this shot. 100 points if you find it.
Jack's obviously not too fond of Ysanne driving.
Jack gambles at an unfamiliar card game...
...with interesting results.
Meet an old friend: Narn's back!
This cave is part of an extremely boring labyrinth.
Ysanne finishes off an alien queen.
Jack did it again.
We saved the galaxy!
Snow planet
Colon's encampment
Sect's clothes robber
Some screens are really beautiful
The desert
On the building
Shoot the queen!