Kingdom O' Magic Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Install screen
Intro - Dragon
Intro - Arm-wrestling dwarfs
Title screen
Game start
Character selection
Quest selection
Shahron's inventory
Thidney's statistics
Shahron's disk-swap screen
Game options menu
North square
The structurally insecure pier
Caged child description
Thidney's dialogue options
Shahron's dialogue options
The costume hire shop
The shores of the lake - Daytime
The shores of the lake - Nighttime
The mouth of the Gorgon's valley
King Afro's righteous place
Giant spider
Dark place in the backwood forest - Daytime
Dark place in the backwood forest - Nighttime
Eastern edge of backwood - Daytime
Eastern edge of backwood - Nighttime
The game makes use of some most bizarre clips from old movies & documentaries