Written by  :  Gemmalah (7)
Written on  :  Oct 10, 2003
Platform  :  DOS

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Once you've played this you will be saving the cute little lemmings in your sleep!

The Good

This game brings lemmings away from the old 2D. You have to guide them in mazes and tunnels (where you have to see from the lemmings point of view) The training levels are best played through before you start on the main game even if you have played lemmings before, this is completely different. They are informative rather than patronizing. Unlike the other games at the end of a level you will see all the lemmings you saved cheering and all the ones that died booing and shaking their heads. nice touch.

The Bad

Some levels are rather hard, but that didn't stop me. Careful using the exploders as they don't go through everything.

The Bottom Line

Play this! it is good but complete attention is required or some of your new friends may meet a messy end. They can drown, burn, be squished and much more... save the lot, it's rewarding to see how many you saved.