Martian Memorandum Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Title screen
Looking over notes
Tex's Office
Marshall Alexander's office
Stacy, the new secretary
Talking with Rhonda Foxworth
P.I.s get all the chicks
A murder scene
On Mars
Action sequences are removed, but a 3D duct-crawling minigame will test your sense of direction.
Oops! That doesn't feel right...
Looks like Arnold was here...
Well look what we have found...
All these evil geniuses think about is sex
Meeting your benefactor
In the Amazon jungle.
Not the nicest place in the world...
In alleyway on Mars.
In a Martian cave.
In Rick Logan's jungle hideout.
In the hotel lobby.
The smugglers jungle hideout!
In Dick's office.
Inside the hideout.
Tex rides a hoverboard Marty Mcfly style.
In an apartment on Mars.
Boy! This place is big!
What's in that vault?
A junk yard.
Bombed out ruins on Mars.
Chatting with Mac Malden.
Your neighbor.
A nice neighbor hood...
In Alexis' apartment.
A building on Mars.
The Martian dome.
Getting information the "fun" way.
Still plenty of pop culture references and gags.
Can't be a private dick without snapping incriminating photos!