Might and Magic: Clouds of Xeen Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Title screen.
From the intro: Crodo tells the background story - with digitized speech.
Character generation. Creating an excellent ninja is hard, ardous work...
Indoor battle: Ridding the city of Vertigo of slimes and Breeders.
City battle: Ghosts infest Winterkill. They can only be killed by magic.
Cave battle: The Red Dwarf Mines are crawling with spiders.
Dungeon battle: Undead await in the Dungeon of Terror.
Outdoor battle: Typical. Once you try to rest, insects are all about.
Ranged battle: Roasting sprites with a fireball. While swimming.
Hot battle: Lava golems can destroy weapons with their flame attack.
Battle above ground: Clouds of Xeen is true to its name.
In between battles: Checking out loot in your inventory.
Underway to new battles: The automap helps you find your bearing.
After battle: Healing up in a temple.
Magical battle: This lovely lady is a little too hot for your party.
Heavy battle: The Yang Knights in Rivercity are a real challenge for inexperienced heroes.
Wet battle: The Cave of Illusion is flooded.
Precious battle: This diamond golem ought to be treasure!
Spoils of war: Dungeons are full of treasure. And enemies. And ominous scrolls.
Wrestling with words: Obviously, poetry is a dead art in Xeen.