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Noctis DOS A rocky, dark, barren planet with a purple sky.


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Noctis is a game that is very similar to Frontier: Elite II and its sequel, but it is also very different at the same time. While the Frontier series is focused on combat and trading, Noctis is more geared towards space exploration. Considering that Noctis seems to have been conceptualized and designed by a single person, the results of the effort exerted into the creation of this game is nothing short of impressive.

In Noctis, there is no sentient life in the galaxy you are set to explore. Even your own race has disappeared, only leaving behind a small fleet of manned scout ships whose mission is to catalog and explore all the stars in the galaxy. You, of course, control one of these scout ships.

You can travel to any star you want to, at any time, provided you have enough fuel (as in Elite and the Frontier series of games). There are 11 different types of stars that you will see in this galaxy, and each star system out of the possible MILLIONS that you can visit have their own unique system of planets and moons, which you can land on and explore most of the time (landing is handled by a method that is similar to the landing system in Starflight). The star types range from S00 class stars, which are similar to our sun, to S11 stars, which are highly radioactive pulsars. You can label the stars and planets in most of these systems with any name you can think of, provided it's not a real star or planet name from our galaxy, or if the name hasn't already been taken by another explorer.

When I say "taken by another explorer", I mean that you can upload the names of the planets and stars you've explored, and also upload any notes you've taken regarding the explored celestial objects to the official website, which will then get released in a download that will also contain notes from other explorers. You can read their notes about the planets and stars they've discovered once you integrate the information into your copy of Noctis.

Noctis is a game that is played in real-time and has a persistent universe.


Noctis DOS ..full of vivid light and colour!
Noctis DOS The same planet with your anti-radiation visor equiped.
Noctis DOS An artificial lake, with pyramids rising out of it
Noctis DOS Now you've landed IN the ocean, and it's raining to boot...

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Alternate Titles

  • "Noctis IV" -- Full title
  • "NIV" -- Short name, used in reviews and forums.

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It's fun - for a bit. Jeremy Johnson (736) 4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars
Amazing Simulation Cryoburner (36) 4.8 Stars4.8 Stars4.8 Stars4.8 Stars4.8 Stars
Breathtaking Stargazer (99) unrated

Critic Reviews Nov 08, 2004 9 out of 10 90


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Did you know that Noctis is the first real Space Exploration Adventure simulator?

Tough others, such as Elite, have come quite close to this as well, none succeeded the way Noctis did in creating a simulator where the player does indeed pilot a starship through a galaxy in cyberspace, without any aliens to kill, or empires to build.

Another interesting fact about Noctis is the way it utilizes already existing technology in a whole new way - at its very core, Noctis is a random number generator, using "StarSeeds" to create the surrounding stars the players can visit.

Since the original seed (the location of where your StarDrifter is located when the game starts for the first time) is the same in all versions, the way the galaxy is created is identical to every download; making features such as the "StarMap" and starguide possible.

Some other random information on Noctis:
- Noctis is the Latin word for "Night"; its name might come from the eternal night between the stars, or maybe the fact that the first versions of Noctis was actually developed at night.
- The Noctis galaxy is made up of 70 billion (yes, billion) stars
- Max 80 worlds per star
- Noctis is the first entertainment product to feature the Vimana-drive, based on what might be revolutionary "Wave Theory of Field" concept by Walter E.R. Cassani
- Development of Noctis began in 1996, although the first public version came in early 2000.
- Noctis is still evolving with the development of its successor; Noctis V (the current version is actually Noctis IV). Noctis V currently has the official release-time of "When its ready", so don't expect any near-future release.
- All versions of Noctis is extremely open ended, not only in gameplay, but also in story-wise, which gives a lot of room for your imagination to develop while you play it.

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