Pharaoh's Tomb Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Title screen
Entering the next level...
To open some doors, you need to find a key.
Very original dying animation. The player is portrayed as a skull over the spikes.
Believe or not, but I'm firing a spear in the moment...
Sometimes you just have to make a leap of faith.
Conveniently enough Egyptians used a text that looks exactly like English on those weights.
Those spikes lunge upwards with a deadly force.
Find the papyrus in "Karnak's Tomb".
In the first "Windy Chamber".
"The King's Chamber" holds creatures whose eyes are the only visible part as seen in the middle platform.
"The Temple of Amun-Re" is quite spike-ful.
"The Chamber of Maat" needs really well timing to get through the rolling spikes.
The last level of the first volume; "The Lost Tomb".
Watch out for those bats!
The floor is literally disappearing under Nevada's feet!
In the "Temple of Doom".
Entering the "Treasure Room".
Those little tornadoes are more dangerous then they look.
This looks easy enough...except for that key...hmm...
Title screen of Vol.4, spelling mistake still there and a warning about not sharing this version of the game.
Whoa! Where am I gonna land!
The game seems to be upset with Nevada by constantly starting him falling to his death.
How am I gonna get those treaures? It looks like this leads somewhere.
Inside the titular Pharaoh's Tomb.
I've died! Game Over...
Nevada's almost completely invisible in the Chamber of Death!