Written by  :  Robert Hedrock (2)
Written on  :  Mar 04, 2003
Platform  :  DOS

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Unequaled and unparalleled SSN simulation

The Good

Strategy, depth, features, attention to detail, etc.,

The Bad

It won't run on newer (Pentium or above) CPU's without the updated replacement executable. But you can find that here: http://www.geocities.com/microprose_patch/

The Bottom Line

I own 688 Attack Sub as well as Red Storm Rising. 688 Attack Sub is a game. Red Storm Rising is a simulation.

There is nothing more nail-biting than hunting Soviet diesel-electric boats, which are running quietly on batteries, with an old Permit class SSN. All you can do is pray. Pray you hear them, before they hear you.

There's nothing more annoying than cautiously moving into position, to attack a surface fleet, only to have an ASW helicopter drop a sonobuoy on your head.

I purchased Red Storm Rising when it was first released for the Commodore 64. Later, I purchased the IBM-PC MS-DOS version. It is now 1993, some 14 years after it's initial release, and I still play (and enjoy) Red Storm Rising.