Rocky's Boots Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Company logo
Title screen
The main menu
"How to Move", the first tutorial.
You can pick up and drop objects.
Free Herman!
Help screen
Next tutorial: Building Machines.
Turn me on!
Learning about wires
You need a splitter to disconnect two parts.
Sensors now...
Built a "clacking when blue" machine.
Practice room.
You'll also learn about logic gates, ...
... oscillators, ...
... flip-flops, ...
... clocks, ...
... and delay lines.
Rocky's Boots -- finally, the game!
Learning about the kicking device.
Build a machine that kicks everything but crosses.
And a machine that kicks only blue crosses.
17 points in manual kicking!
Learning about glitches!
Selecting a game...
Rocky does a little jig for me! All the reds were kicked!
Rocky's Challenge provides more complex tasks...
This machine didn't work as intended, cause some wire's missing.
You can make your own kicking device.
The "make your own device" room.
This guy and Ms. Bones (see Apple version) would make a great couple. (CGA w/composite monitor)
In this machine-building lesson, we learn about sensors. (CGA w/composite monitor)
Demonstrating the use of logic gates. (CGA w/composite monitor)
Surely they're talking about alligator *clips*. Right? (CGA w/composite monitor)
Nope, it's the real deal... and it's eating my cursor! (CGA w/composite monitor)
My machine's alive and kicking. (CGA w/composite monitor)
This is where you select a game... (CGA w/composite monitor)
...or you can make your own! (CGA w/composite monitor)
Lots of spare equipment lying around. (CGA w/composite monitor)
Time to put all that theory into practice! (CGA w/composite monitor)