Shannara Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Title screen
Intro. The foolish gnome summons the dark sorcerer Brona.
You see, villains always read too many books and don't play enough video games.
Surprise attack!
The town of Leah, Shella's homeland
Objects have context-sensitive verb menus.
Like any good classic adventure, "Shannara" contains plenty of text descriptions.
Ah, the golden days of adventure games... Those games let you tried silly things and reacted to your stupidity. Here, you attempt to stab king Menion with a knife without any reason whatsoever.
Dialogue options with Shella
Traveling on the world map.
Random encounter fight
Mirror, mirror...
Dungeons & Ghosts
Putting things in their rightful place
Boss battle. Hang in there, guys!
A few parts of the game just have text descriptions. They are quite good for the most part.
A nice description of zombies
This is Brendel, your dwarven ally
You can read books in the game. Some of them are very detailed.
Some books even have illustrations.
The map of the world
Jak finds himself in a weird dream-like full-motion video sequence.
Jak is having a nightmare in which Brona tells him: "I am your father". Wait... no, actually he doesn't. The looks got me confused.
A beautiful elven city. Everything would be cool if the fountain didn't have a hole. How careless.
This is Davio, the old elf geek. He spends time playing adventure games made by Legend. Or something similar.
What, an elf attacks us? That can't be good. The party is seriously injured.
War encampment. The battle between elves and trolls: arrogant racists vs. brutal savages. How typical. Isn't there a way to stop the madness?
Apparently, trolls have a serious problem with English grammar.