Star Trek: Judgment Rites Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Title screen
Animated intro
FEDERATION episode title screen
Stellar map screen (acts as copy protection)
Abord a space station (FEDERATION episode)
Animated cut-scene (one of many)
Admiral Cain evaluates your performance after each mission
Kirk, Spock and McCoy survey an alien location in the SENTINEL episode (note the Golden Boy interface: you choose all your commands from it)
Interfacing with an alien computer (SENTINEL episode)
Trelane is back! (Remember him from the classic Star Trek episode SQUIRE OF GOTHOS?)
Trelane recreated a quaint European village toward the end of WWI (NO MAN'S LAND episode)
Checking your inventory (NO MAN'S LAND episode)
Trying to combine two life forms (LIGHT & DARKNESS episode)
Something is preventing the new life form to communicate with you (LIGHT & DARKNESS episode)
The U.S.S. Alexander
The U.S.S. Alexander and Captain Luke Rayner travelled back in time
Seconds after we communicate with Captain Rayner, the U.S.S. Alexander explodes in a huge fireball
A mystical machine
Prisoners of Dr. Munroe aboard the "Espoir Station"
Outside the Detention Area In Espoir Station (FEDERATION episode)
Map of Espoir Station. (FEDERATION episode)
Special Projects Lab of the Espoir Station. (FEDERATION episode)
An alien manufacturing room. (SENTINEL EPISODE)
Funny dialogue keeps the game enjoyable. (SENTINEL EPISODE)
Inside Trelane's prison. (NO MAN'S LAND episode)
A German Pub. (NO MAN'S LAND episode)
Trelane's castle. (NO MAN'S LAND episode)
A World War I biplane. (NO MAN'S LAND episode)
A hologram of an angel like alien creature. (LIGHT & DARKNESS episode)
A satellite dish. (LIGHT & DARKNESS episode)
The bridge of the USS Enterprise. (VOIDS episode)
Sickbay of the USS Enterprise. (VOIDS episode)
Displays in the Smithsonian Annex Museum. (MUSEUM PIECE episode)
Kirk says Scotty's immortal line. :-) (MUSEUM PIECE episode)
Somewhere HAL and Gene Roddenberry are screaming. (MUSEUM PIECE episode)
Alien computer. (THOUGH THIS BE MADNESS.... episode)