Written by  :  Nathan Tyler (5)
Written on  :  Jul 06, 2003
Platform  :  DOS

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3-D way beyond its time

The Good

This is the first 3-D game I ever played, but when I saw Doom years later I was surprised how much superior UU was in 3-D technology. While Doom had no real 3-D environment, Ultima Underworld was trully 3-D, you could run, jump, fly, and even swim in water, you had a fully 3-D environment. Best of all was the mouse movement, made moving smooth and easy. I felt more like I was really moving with this game than any other game I have played since. Pushing keys on the keyboard just doesnÂ’t compare to the smoothness of the mouse movement of this game. I have not found any other 3-D game that implemented the mouse so nicely. Fighting was another thing I really liked with this game, rather than turn-based as most games of the day, the fighting was done in real time. The sound was totally awesome too.

The Bad

Skills went up by praying at a shrine. I much prefer games where the skills go up as you use them.

The Bottom Line

3-D way beyond its time. A trully entertaining RPG world.