Ultima VII: Part Two - Serpent Isle Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Serpent Isle Main Menu without The Silver Seed Add-on installed
Intro - The Guardian once again
Intro - On our way to the serpent pillars
The Start - Arriving at the Serpent Isle
Two strange monks fighting, we are protected by a firewall
Having a break at a little fountain
Our friend Iolo caught in prison
Far North, far North we go, and penguins do we meet
Upon arriving to the Gwani village, you honestly share with them your malnutrition problems
You carry so much stuff that you don't see yourself behind it
Oleg the Avatar proudly presents his stats to the empty streets of the Lost City
Sure, but not before I loot your room for goodies and junk!
Having an intellectual conversation with a dog in Moonshade, while glaring at the leather leggings you have thrown out
Being the Avatar doesn't mean you can't get some... err... action from time to time!..
Avatar in the Dream World
A heated battle against a slime. Iolo and Boydon bravely hit each other with fireballs
Taking a useless piece of junk and putting it on the floor
Fawn, the Town of Beauty
The Avatar checks out her new tattoo
Yeah, don't look back, Avatar...
A banquet! For me!
The Avatar comments on some of the gameplay sequences involved in Serpent Isle
Ahh.. the good old Fellowship has already laid some roots in Serpent Isle
Ever talked about Castro while in Florida? Check out what happens to the Avatar and think again...
Hmmm, my very own naked giant woman...
The trial of Dupre
A fox in the hen house...funny
Avoid the magic traps!
Block-boats are all the rage in Serpent Isle
...as are giant turtles
At the magelord's love shack.... kinky!
Too late to interrupt the sacrifice...
The phoenix reborn!
The Serpent jawbone and the portal gates
A vision... the Avatar looks kinda badass there.
You can now haggle with the merchants
That cyclops sure made a mess of the other prisoners...
The black sword returns, but it's got more of an attitude now...
Seems Britannia is falling apart...