Ultima VII: Part Two - The Silver Seed Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Main menu
Let's do the timewarp again!!
Back in Serpent Isle's past
Isstanar, the head honcho at Deathwatch keep.
The local mage can offer some hints...
Shhyeah. You'd better translate that for me somehow Mr. Garriot.
Behold, the new magic key ring! Probably the best thing Silver Seed adds to the series.
Leaving Serpent's Fang. Adventure awaits!
There are some nasty beasts hidden in the new dungeons.
Well someone's been smoking a little too much funny herbs.
Beware the many traps found in the dungeons.
Oh yeah baby! This particular Dark Monk has some interesting answers for female Avatars.
Some clues...
Skeleton Dragons are bad news.
The Avatar enjoys being queen for a while after deposing a Lyche king.
Unique items! Ohhh yeah!
You must leave your party behind when you enter the great maze
Ahhhh Origin and their wacky cross-series references...
Looting corpses...
The Avatar decides to take a close look at an Iron Maiden from the inside... oh you silly Avatar!
An ancient map shows some hidden parts of the outpost dungeon.
One of the magic orbs required to unlock the Silver Seed
Going down the well...
Facing off against Ice Golems in the outpost's lower levels.
The Ring of Reagents, another hassle-saving item introduced in Silver Seed
You may have found the seed, but the battle isn't over yet...
The key to restoring balance to Serpent Isle lies ahead
The tree of life in all it's silvery glory.
The undead sleep... for now