Written by  :  JPBLO (5)
Written on  :  Nov 27, 2000
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The Only Racing Game To Play...

The Good

This game has it all for a racing game and slaps in a little more when you least it expect it. When you load this addictive game in you have wide selection of cars which are all special in their own way, a wonderful graphical menu which is easy to use, nifty graphics and wonderful sound. This is the ultimate game for playing with two or more players and will bring hours of discussion after the game is played especially with the game's inclusion of fast pace stunt tracks which will get you cheering in amazement or complaining in upset.

The Bad

The game, in extreme rare cases, crashes your system during a cruical point of the game which would get you upset. But as I said it would RARELY happen.

The Bottom Line

If you play only one racing game in your lifetime make sure it has Fatal (or Whiplash) in the title and it was developed by Interplay.