William Shatner's TekWar Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Intro, is this supposed to be a corpse?
Another one of those high quality (uhmm..) FMV sequences.
Shatner during a mission briefing (not that they are very useful).
Kirk says: DRUGS ARE BAD!
The ingame menu.
Using the overhead map, you'll need it.
You can travel by subway.
The mysterious bathroom killer ...
.. strikes again!
All horror movies have sequels.. Bathroom Killer 2, ladies in trouble.
A square Ferrari, interesting concept.
A Tek addict in the subway.
Me looking in the mirror, but hey this ain't right! I'm armed with a bazooka!
Begging won't help you guys!
The hospital looks kinda nice.
Well, at least my flamethrower is working.
Ugly brown & grey textures, you'll see lots of those in this game.
Inside the matrix, weird!
Inside the matrix, those white things are enemies.!
The game has a functional, but buggy, 3-D option selectable in setup.
Walking around at the, rather bleak, seafront
Fighting a goon inside a warehouse
Just like many of the early FPS games, a large part of the gameplay consists of searching for keycards
Taking out an opponent with the stun gun
Looking out over the city from a window on the first floor
That's gotta hurt!
Found a bazooka, a health power-up and some ammo in a park