Radirgy Credits (Dreamcast)

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Radirgy Credits


Total Planning & DirectionManabu Matsumoto
Story & Original Character DesignDaisuke Nagata
Graphic DirectionMiki Narashima
ProgramerManabu Matsumoto, Jirō Hamaya
Graphic DesignMiki Narashima, Michael Goro, Shingo Itō, Digital Zero CO.,LTD. Staff
ComposerDaisuke Nagata, Kō Hayashi
Character DesignKENGOU
PublicityYūki Matsuoka ("XXL"), Minoru Kawaguchi ("will"), Kayo Kimura
Developement CooperationDigital Zero CO.,LTD., DIGITAL Hearts CO.,LTD
Special ThanksAll Shooting Game Mania :) and Milestone Fans
Sales ProducerToshinori Kumagai (ABLE CORPORATION)
Executive ProducerHiroshi Kimura
Developed byMilestone inc.
MILESTONE INC.http://www.mile‑stone.co.jp/
(c)2005Milestone inc., All Rights Reserved.

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