Shenmue (Dreamcast)

Shenmue Screenshots

Dreamcast version

Title screen
Ryo's room is where you can save your game.
Let's get some food from the kitchen!
Main menu
Intro. The day the snow turned to rain.
Strolling through a your neighborhood
Series bad guy, the evil Lan Di.
Lan Di kills Ryo's father and takes the Dragon Mirror
So cute!
Purchasing a soda
Your journal auto-updates and keeps you on track.
In the arcade you can play Space Harrier and Hang-On
Ryo has a complex relationship with Nozomi
Hmm, I bet those forklifts are fun to drive.
Use first person view to read store signs.
Inside an arcade. Filled with Sega games, for some reason...
Hang On arcade version. Note the "Shenmue" sign added.
Find areas to practice your fighting moves.
Chat with passerbys for information and directions.
Quick Time Events pop up frequently throughout the game.
Too slow, sucka!
Find gambling parlors and try your luck at slots.
Check your watch for the time. Lots of first-person effects like this.
Dialing a phone to call a friend.
Spend yen to build your capsule toy collection.
Active town streets.
Visit a fortune teller for in-game hints.
Buy items at convenience stores.
Buy cassette tapes and play them from your collection.
The game features a day-to-night cycle.
Shenmue Passport disc.
Shenmue Passport menu.
Select a character to learn how to play.
Each character describes a specific game aspect via a real-time 3D sequence.