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PlayStation 2 version

Humble origins. The game opens up with a Chinese opera player in typical stage warrior garb. This was part of the inspiration behind the colorful and often unhistorical costumes in the game.
Back with friends. Most of the DW2 cast returns, with a number of additions.
I know kung-fu. Koei took some liberties with characters, such as making Sun Ce into a tonfa-wielding martial artist.
Escort duty. A few missions have special goals instead of the usual 'kill the enemy general' briefing.
You could've poked my eye out! Sima Yi just barely avoids an arrow in a cut-scene.
Army of one. It just wouldn't be a Three Kingdoms action game without the powerful Lu Bu.
The peanut gallery complains. If you're bold, you'll often hear this from your body guards.
Sweating Tigers... Ma Chao, Zhao Yun, and Zhang Fei lead their forces into the Nanman jungle.
Cavalry's coming! Although better than in DW2, you'll still often find yourself the most effective soldier on the battlefield.
Personal touch. There are some special mini-missions for characters, such as when Guan Yu leave's Cao Cao's service to return to Liu Bei.
Impressive steed. Elephants can be mounted and used like tanks...even knocking down walls.
Dancing on their graves. Diao Chan shows that women who historically never fought can kick butt when using their musou attack.
Straight to the point. Playable generals will taunt you before engaging you in battle. Some you unlock by beating them.