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The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Start Menu
An experienced Morrowind heroine with magical cloak and enchanted sword in front of the mining town Caldera.
Morrowind features splendid graphics and detailed architecture, outdoors...
...as well as inside of houses and dungeons.
Blue keywords mark topics in conversations with NPCs.
Fighting a fierce Ogrim. In an Ashlander camp. By rain.
Spellcasters resort to combat magic. Here, er fry an Ice Atronach with a fireball.
In the 3rd person perspective, dodging enemy spells is easier.
Inventory, map, magic and stats windows can be freely arranged.
Vvardenfell island -- much larger than it looks.
Combat in a Deadric shrine. Note the huge statue in the background. The purple sphere is a magical shield.
Trouble in the ruins of Ald Daedroth: A temple ordinator (left) has summoned a Bonewalker to help him fight the orcish cultist (right) -- better not disturb them.
A group of Dreamers attacks. Fighting multiple enemies is dangerous.
Our magical longsword discharges a fireball at the Cliff Racer.
The endgame takes place in the blighted Red Mountains, ravaged by dust storms.
Morrowind is full of books -- some helpful, some entertaining, this one rather... saucy. :)
The realistic weather modeling means you can get momentarily blinded by the sun while trying to shoot down winged beasties.
Hrmph. You're wearing my dress.
I joined an Imperial garrison only to get outfitted with this? Feh.
Did I mention the weather effects? I think I did.
There's no theft: nothing's stopping you from storing your hoard on a streetcorner.
Out east, you'll find a tribe of wizards with a serious thing for mushrooms and pointy bits.
A murky swamp is home to all kinds of creatures
The capital city of Vivec, complete with captured moon.
The Ahemmusa camp, on the northeastern edge of the Grasslands
Approaching the Ghostgate
In Daedric Ruins you will always find powerful enemies
I'll spend the night here
Looking down from a watchtower
Arrived at fort Ebonheart
It's actually not that long a swim from Ebonheart to Vivec.
Nord close-combat char in redoran outfit posing on rooftop in Balmora.
You know you're badass when you have a skull for a codpiece!
The scenic route.
Khajit spellcaster in Balmora with silt strider in background.
My character as a vampire.
An oddly dressed thief in Hla Oad.
Nice view.
A feline thief character gets its paws on some sweet glass armor.
The sword of white woe discharges damage effect.
The local law enforcement needs to work on their public relations.

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Screenshots

Xbox version

Hints and control schemes during the loading screens.
Interior of a ship.
Arriving on the coast of Morrowind.
Characters announce things based on your reputation.
The cantons of Vivec.
Map showing Morrowind's western coast.
Riverside town of Balmora.
Sunlight blooms as you look at it.
Each town has a different look.
You can search your journal by topic.
Locals banter to each other as they pass.
Speaking to characters using unlocked or overheard topics.
Barter system.
Inside a mage's guild.
Imperial garrisons are posted throughout Morrowind.
Houses carved out of mushrooms.
Water effects and an instant-travel ship.
Day, night, and weather effects cycle across the island.