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Final Fantasy II

Final Fantasy II Screenshots

Game Boy Advance version

Title screen.
Baron's airship
Cecil having a flashback
Chocobo forest
Tellah casting Thunder
A cutscene with Cecil, Tellah and Rydia
Rydia casting Blizzard
Using the hovercraft to travel through shallow waters
Mt. Hobs
Teaming up with Yang to fight Mom Bomb
Pallom casting Fira
Tellah casting Firaga
Tellah casting Bio
Flood Worm using Tsunami
Controlling an airship
Summoning Shiva
Cave of Summons
A battle in the Cave of Summons
Fighting the Lord of Wind - Barbariccia
Summoning Mist Dragon
Eblan Cave
A Sorceress casting Slow
Fighting the Lord of Fire - Rubicante
A battle in the Underworld

Final Fantasy II Screenshots

PlayStation version

Title Screen
Cecil about to unleash bombs in Mist
Fighting a FloatEye

Final Fantasy II Screenshots

SNES version

Title screen: US version, "Final Fantasy II"
Japanese Easy Type Version Title Screen
Nice cutscene
World map
Town Baron
A regular battle against week imps
No, there is no graphical error: this is a MISTY dungeon!
Your first boss battle
A modern-looking dungeon
A tough guy...
...but bahamut will fry him all the same with his MegaFlare!
Cold dungeon on the moon
Main menu. Note the beautiful character portraits
Attacked from behind by some nasty machines
Underground world
A cave
Dwarves' castle
Robbing innocent people
The crew is unhappy with Cecil's actions
Castle Baron
A romantic encounter?..
Good night, Cecil!
Red baddies prepare to destroy the village
Meeting Rydia
Japanese Version Title Screen
Dialogue (japanese version)
Buying / selling (japanese version)
Selecting a spell (japanese version)
Menu (japanese version)

Final Fantasy II Screenshots

WonderSwan Color version

Title screen
The Red Wings
Attacking innocent people...
Soldiers talk to Cecil
Cecil casts a mega-spell
In front of Baron Castle
In the prison
A romantic scene...