Flyonoid Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
Choose a level.
Start of the first level
Level 1: go to the fly in order to free it.
Level 1: after you free all the flies go to the gate to go to the next level.
Level 3: extra life
Start of level 5
Level 5: fly and shoot
Level 6: be careful from the volcano
Level 6: shoot
Level 6: the player is invisible.
Start of level 9
Level 10: be careful from what the ship sends.
Level 11: an enemy with a bomb
Start of level 13
Level 13: be careful from falling in water.
Level 14: be careful from what the ship sends and from falling from the surface.
Level 15: a lot of rocks
Start of level 17
Level 17: a lot of missiles
Level 19: these platforms drop after a few seconds of pressure.
Start level 20: the boss
The end