Freddi Fish 4: The Case of the Hogfish Rustlers of Briny Gulch Screenshots

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Windows version

Title screen
Wild West Freddi
Asteroids clone
You just found rustled hogfishes.
Briny Gulch town
That's Cousin Calico's ranch, minus hogfish
One of these old-timers has a "colorful" role.
Freddi reads an important clue and Luther prepares to eat the evidence.
Nelson Torso's pattern for belt buckles
A locked hatch - good thing Freddi still has that important clue.
This bad guy is concerned that Freddi doesn't conform to the rustler style in his fashion mag.
Guess it's time to go shopping!
Free wood! Could it get any plainer?
Freddi and Luther have a narrow escape.
Paying off a loan shark.
A dash past these electric jellyfish has to be timed just right.
Maybe that falling water should be re-diverted...somehow.
This might not be quite what the well-dressed rustler wears on her belt.
Never offer pepper to an inflated blowfish.
Freddi is dunking her hat in a SPITTOON! Yuck.
Luther does a captain imitation.