Altered Beast: Guardian of the Realms Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

Title screen
At the beginning of each level you are a little weakling ;)
Fight some zombies.
Fight some skeleton axe battlers.
Fight some minotaurs.
The purple wizards protect the red wizard.
If you beat red wizard, he will drop an orb.
After you take the orb you will become stronger.
The next orb is right above our hero.
After taking the second orb, we get even stronger.
With the 3rd orb we transform into a monster, here the wolf.
The wolf's rush attack is very powerful.
The wolf shoots a red minotaur.
Fight against romanian bosses on crete.
Destroy his house to win.
After defeating a boss you can go through a portal.
The portal leads to a room where you can choose the next realm.
Fight against worm like enemies.
Fight against flying monsters.
Some spider centaurs are attacking.
Get powerups like this shield.
Get powerups like adrenalin.
Transform into Nagi the snake.
As Nagi you can spit acid.
As Nagi you can do a spiky attack.
Fight a huge worm boss.