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AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.8
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.3
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.3
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.5
Overall User Score (6 votes) 4.0

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Meristation (Sep 03, 2004)
Satisfacción es la palabra que utilizamos para definir este Dragon Ball: Super Sonic Warriors. Y es que no existe otra mejor para referirnos a un juego que ha dado casi todo lo que una portátil puede dar de sí, y que sin ser sumamente esperado como otros muchos, ha conseguido dar el cante de una forma espectacular. El pasado día 27 apareció por nuestras tierras.
Next Level Gaming (Jul 13, 2004)
As most of you may know I used to be a fan of the Dragon Ball Z series. After the show was brought to the states and butchered (the Mister Satan name change in the US cartoon really killed me) I pretty much kept to my old Japanese videos and never really watched the US versions. I have also seen many Dragon Ball Z games come and go. While it seemed that Atari had finally gotten it right in terms of a 3D fighting game (in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2) there have been quite a few Game Boy Advance games released as well.
Cutting to the point, DBZ: SSW is not only one of the best DBZ games to date, but also the best fighting game for the GBA. While the health bar system stops the game from being a real deep strategy fighting game, I still had a lot of fun with this game. Get DBZ: SSW if you're a DBZ fan or a fighting game fan. Fans of neither should probably wait after the first or second price cut occurs. That said, I hope enjoy your future fights.
Game Shark (Aug 06, 2004)
Overall this is a nice treat for you DBZ fans out there. Sure it’s essentially a button masher and the character lineup isn’t all too spectacular. But anyone who wants to get a little DBZ entertainment out of their GBA should scoop this one up. The little bonus additions Atari put into Supersonic Warriors definitely makes up for the simplicity of the game in my opinion. Especially the tag team modes and the option of battling head to head with a friend via a Link Cable. Regardless of a few dings here and there, it is still a fun experience and a nice addition to your GBA library.
NintendoWorldReport (Jul 11, 2004)
Supersonic Warriors will not blow your mind, but considering the franchise’s unattractive gaming history and the GBA’s limited buttons, Banpresto and ARC’s offering is pretty darn good. The gameplay is decent, though somewhat repetitive, and players really feel like they’re controlling the Z characters in a heated battle. If your kid is a fan of the show, or you’re secretly one yourself, this is one of the best DBZ games on the market.
GameSpot (Jul 07, 2004)
Even though Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors is the second DBZ-inspired fighting game to land on the GBA, it's extremely important to bear in mind that it isn't in any way, shape, or form a follow-up to Dragon Ball Z: Taiketsu--a terrible game that is honestly better left forgotten than discussed in polite company. DBZ: Supersonic Warriors is actually quite a good 2D tournament fighting game that successfully copies the look and feel of the battles from the cartoon show. Anyone looking for the next Street Fighter probably ought to look elsewhere, but Dragon Ball fans (even casual watchers) will be more than delighted.
75 (Sep 10, 2004)
Le désespoir commençait à envahir nos chaumières à idée que l'on appelle plus communément cerveaux, à la vue de la prestance plus que moyenne de l'ensemble des softs oeuvrant sur GBA, basés sur les aventures rocambolesques de Sangoku et ses compatriotes. L'arrivée du dernier soft de Banpresto est donc en soit une petit bénédiction, qui permet enfin de participer à des combats empreints de l'essence de la série, au lieu de se contenter de les admirer. Relativement limité, et graphiquement n'exploitant pas la portable de Nintendo complètement, DBZ Supersonic Warriors demeure pourtant accrocheur,et surtout véritablement prenant. En un mot, attachant. Une friandise dont se délecteront les férus des grands blonds électrisants.
GameZone (Jul 09, 2004)
What's the main reason for watching a show like Dragonball Z? I don't know about you, but for me it's the battles. They were fast, lengthy, and you could never be too sure that the good guy would win. In the end you were almost certain that good would prevail all evil. But Dragonball Z is a very lengthy series with several hundred episodes, not including the original Dragonball series and Dragonball GT!
IGN (Jun 22, 2004)
Last Christmas Atari brought to life Dragon Ball Z: Taiketsu, an absolutely abysmal GBA fighting game from the makers of the two successful (and much better in quality) portable Legacy of Goku adventure titles. Almost as an apology for that game, the company has released the second DBZ fighter for the handheld: Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warrior, an infinitely more competent and faithful design that really wows in the presentation department. The fighting mechanics aren't quite as ironed out as expected and don't quite match up with the energetic front end, but overall Atari has brought out a decent game that better captures the Dragon Ball Z flavor than previous titles in the series have on the GBA handheld.
Der Titel bietet alles, was man von einem Dragon Ball-Spiel erwartet. Hier prügeln sich alle Charaktere der erfolgreichen Serie in 2D und sparen nicht an Gepiepse und den typischen Sprüchen. Woran das Beat ‘em-Up aber leidet, ist die vermanschte Steuerung. Der Begriff Button-Smashing bekommt hier eine völlig neue Dimension. Die Spielmodi unterscheiden sich auch nicht wirklich voneinander. Die begrenzten Kapazitäten des GBA machen einem variablen Gameplay einen Strich durch die Rechnung. Tipp: Noch einen DBZ-Kumpel suchen und per Link-Funktion kloppen. Dann macht es wirklich großen Spaß.
GamePro (US) (Jun 23, 2004)
If you've been wronged with your Taiketsu purchase, perhaps it?s time to trade it in. Enter Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors. Dismal? appropriately describes how Dragon Ball Z fans felt when they bared witness to Taiketsu?and even more so when they bought it. Luckily, specialty game stores allow trade-ins, and with Supersonic Warriors coming your way, now just might be the time to take advantage of them. Supersonic Warriors takes the DBZ fighter back into the two-dimensional era. Your favorite characters are animated 2D sprites, but nevertheless, they are fair representations, equipped with sound bits from the American translation of the original cartoon. The music score brings back memories from Nintendo?s 16-bit glory days, which is pretty impressive considering the GBA?s audio limitations.
GamingExcellence (Nov 12, 2005)
In the end, Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors is merely an average game. It does not stack up against other fighting games out there, nor does it do an exceptional job of representing the Dragon Ball universe. Its main drawbacks are the sluggish feeling of the combat and its poor difficulty curve through the campaigns. With these minor improvements, this game might have faired better. If you are a hardcore Dragon Ball fan, you may pick this up, but only if it is because you need to get your fix or complete a collection. Otherwise, I would give it a pass and consider either another one of the Dragon Ball Z games, or, if you like the fighting genre, another fighting game set outside of the Dragon Ball Z universe.
GameSpy (Jul 15, 2004)
In this diverse and opinionated world we live in, it's not very often that everyone can agree on something. For that reason, last year's Dragon Ball Z: Taiketsu was special. Everyone agreed: It sucked. Well, Goku and the gang are back for more handheld 2D fighting in Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors. Better late than never -- this was the game you should have been able to play last Christmas.
This title perfectly captures the essence of the Dragon Ball Z anime series: There are tons of characters sputtering out insipid dialogue before deciding to have epic world-engulfing clashes over barren wastelands. Unfortunately, though Supersonic Warriors retains the show’s flavor, it fails to measure up to the standards of a passable 2D fighter.