Rayman Raving Rabbids Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

Title screen
Here they come!
Main Menu
Rayman's captured!
A good point, and well made.
Hover over the green slime to avoid it
Crawl through this crusher when it stops working
When you get your hands back, you can climb these ropes
Smash open the cage with a charged punch!
Watch out for the Rabbid guards!
Grab onto ledges to give yourself an extra boost up
Rescued your buddy Globox!
Rayman can use these explosive barrels to break open certain doors
An unpleasant-sounding situation
Jump over this boss to dodge his attacks, and whack him when he stops moving!
After freeing Ly, she rewards Rayman with the Hip-Hop costume
Unfortunately, the Rabbids went...well, raving mad.
The hub map - choose your world from here.
The level map
Grab onto the binder rings and climb on them!
Those bunnies LOVE to dance!
Sometimes, Rayman will get shrunk and need to grab a star to return to normal size
Rayman can wedge himself between small gaps to climb up them
Oh no! Kamikaze Super Rabbids!
Use Hip-Hop Rayman to pound down this pencil
You can swing from the giant Purple Lums
Don't touch the purple goop!
You'll have to avoid these purple drips too.
Chuck a tennis ball on a tack to use it as a platform!
The Blue Lums allow you to fly freely for a short time.