Written by  :  Mr. Huh (112)
Written on  :  May 18, 2004
Platform  :  Genesis

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The first in the Shining era

The Good

Graphics are done well and fairly colorful. Also some of the character designs are very well done.

Monsters have a nice variety and are animated when they attack.

A good variety of dungeons to crawl through which can take a long time to traverse. Gaming time is fairly high too.

A good amount of items in the game to buy and find.

Difficulty is well adjusted for the most part.

The Bad

Like Graph Paper? I don't. This game has no automatic mapping so for the most part you will have to draw your own map. The map item and spell in this game only works in the section you are in. For the most part graph paper or a map is highly beneficial though if you like this sort of thing it can be a positive.

Some battles can be very uneven in certain circumstances. Especially if you go into a area without being prepared. the fine line between where your supposed to be and where you aren't is sometimes literally one step.

There's only one town. Though this is forgiveable just a nitpick.

Dungeon Crawlers aren't for everybody

The Bottom Line

A Curious Dungeon Crawler type rpg published by Sega. The game is rather good though not one of the best rpgs. If your hankering for a genesis rpg and have finished The Phantasy Stars and don't mind something different then you should give Shining in the Darkness a try. You just might be pleasantly surprised! Overall I give this a 7/10