Gunstar Heroes Screenshots

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Game Gear version

Intro cutscene 1, here come our heroes!
Intro cutscene 2, the "bad guy". Hey, am I missing something or that is M. Bison from Street Fighter 2?
Intro cutscene 3.
Intro cutscene 4.
Title screen.
Options screen.
Shot type selection.
Stage selection.
One of the tree selectable stages of the game.
Prepare to fight a boss!
Boss finished!
Continue screen.
First encounter with the "bad guy".
Now you're on a ship...
In this stage you'll be flying this helicopter thing.
O-oh, another boss coming...
Game Over.

Genesis version

The title screen
Select which Gunstar Hero you want to be; Free Shot (Gunstar Red) can run while firing; Fixed Shot (Gunstar Blue) can't move while firing, but can fire in 8 directions!
Select your starting stage; Pink's is the easiest to start with (she's the one highlighted).
Little do these goons realize...Gunstar Red is also a master at hand-to-hand combat..get ready for a big surprise!!
It's all about blasting these suckers to Kingdom Come!!
The Heroes race to save the day
The bad guy, probably just another loon really
too late, for now...
aaawww .... who needs Earth anyway?
The second 'world' has you racing along instead of on foot
enemies can appear top and bottom, so keep an eye out for them
these lazy crims are using the train!
The First 'world' is the easiest for beginners
a range of enemies attack from all sides of the level
bad guy go boom!
other bad guy go boom!
where'd he go?
the first boss is ... a plant?
baloon bombs and strange creatures are its attacks
that stupid plant is no match for our hero
enemy squadron in route to destruction
the second boss is on the way...
a bunch of boxes, but still just as deadly
this beats snowboarding!
hey, get outta my way!
reach the bottom of the slope and be ready for another boss encounter
hey, no fair. two on one!
Get over there!
Go up!
Fire power
Circle of fire
Dead end

Windows version

Title screen
Select a mode.
Select a world.
Little man
I love explosions!
First boss
Gyro man
Second boss
Mechanical hand
Finally, the stage boss
Bombs stream
Stage clear
Ride in the mines
Stop the train.
Climb up.
Gyro man is back!
Enemy in fire
Enemy in a mech? Groovy.
Weapon combination: homing flames

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