Hamilton's Great Adventure Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
The story is told by an aged Hamilton to his granddaughter
The journey starts in the Amazon jungle
So the villain is a fish
The golden key is needed to unlock the exist
These tiles collapse as you walk over them
Excelsior! - Level completed
Sasha picking up magic dust
The path is blocked - I need help from Sasha to get through
Sometimes you need to rotate the camera to find the hidden goodies
Taking a ride on the water conveyor
A jumping piranha
To complete the stage I need to complete the guardian's challenge - nice hat by the way
A flying fish - more games need to have that
Sasha can squeek to inflate the blowfish
Here I need to move when the sentinel triggers the switches
Some doors requires blue keys
Things get colder in Himalaya
Goats with sun glasses
Jumping lemmings
The spyglass can be used to show the right path
A snowman
Sasha is operating the lever to allow Hamilton to pass
Using jump pads
Watch you step or get hit by a boulder
Here we have arrived in Egypt
An agent is after me
Here I have to use the jump pad at the right moment to avoid getting crushed
Quicksand - can't stand on these tiles too long
This sentinel is about to get crushed
A snake
I'm getting shot at so I have to move fast
Using the speed gadget to run
Watch out for these rolling pillars
The bird distracts the agent so that Hamilton can get the key and open the door
Finally we have come to the lost continent in the ocean
Sasha is getting zapped by a flying fish
Using a teleporter