HappyLand Adventures Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Bonus stage (Level 1)
Level 1 (start)
The adventure begun! (Level 1)
All items collected - let's go to the exit! (Level 1)
Level 2 (start)
Where am I? (Level 2)
Meet the old man... (Level 2)
Level 3 (start)
All "collected" animals are happily following us! (Level 3)

Windows version

Title screen; this version includes the X-mas added levels.
Main menu; unfortunately, no save or reload.
Basic instructions for playing if you can read the small font.
Old men stand around waiting to give you helpful hints like this.
I love how the creatures follow you perfectly, even following the jump arcs.
Thank you Mr Obvious.
Your Happyland buddies follow even jumping across tree tops.
This is a bonus stage that I found by dumb luck; each level has them.