Hi-Res Adventure #2: The Wizard and the Princess Screenshots

User Screenshots

Apple II version

The starting location
Watch out for snakes!
This snake is trapped under a rock.
There is a deep chasm here.
There is a little gnome here.
Crawling through a tunnel...
Maybe this parrot could be helpful?
Approaching the ocean; a lion is here!
A boat on the beach
Out at sea; I'm thirsty, wish I had some water!
Arrived on an island.
Attempting to climb to a tree house.
Inside a tree house; found a shovel!
Found some treasure in a cave?
There is a woman here in the mountains!
Neat, a rainbow!
Be careful on this rickety old bridge.
This cave sure is messy!
Beware of the giant...
Choose what you would like to buy carefully...
A castle; how can I cross this moat?
Inside the castle; which way to go?
Hmm, not much in the throne room...
Careful, it's a wild boar!
The wizard zaps me into an empty room.
This little bird is not an ordinary bird...

Atari 8-bit version

Title screen 1
Title screen 2
The beginning location
A large snake in the desert!
Helping a trapped snake
There is quite a bit of desert to get lost in
Hmm, there's a deep chasm here
An apple, some food is always helpful!
There is a little gnome here
Watch out for this lion!
A boat; ready to set sail?
In the middle of the ocean, and thirsty!
Crawling through a narrow tunnel
What's a parrot doing here?
I just died in one of many possible ways

Commodore 64 version

Beginning the game
There are lots of snakes in the desert!
A house near a chasm...
There is a little gnome here
Exploring an underground tunnel
You can see the ocean in the distance...
Arrived at a distant location...
Following a path through the jungle...
There is an apple here.
A crevice in a hill.
Underground tunnel.
Little door.
It's a parrot.
A boat.
Of course all boats in adventure games have holes in them, don't they? :-)
Tree house... But no Swiss Family to be found.
A cave.
A ring.
A peasant woman.
Somewhere, over the rainbow...
Too bad you quit that diet last month...
In a cave
Peddler... Is his name Stan?
A castle in the distance.
There's a gator in the moat of course.
Which door to your choose?
At the top of the stairs.
It's a closet... That leads to a magical vortex, Charlie! (Oops, sorry about that!)
Red shoes
Assembly room... They haven't yet gotten a round table yet, have they?
Throne room.
Angry boar.
"Girl in the tower..." - Oops! Wrong Sierra game!
It's the blonde princess in all her 8-bit glory!

FM-7 version

Bleak town
Snake in the desert

PC Booter version

Title Screen (CGA with RGB monitor)
The starting location (CGA with RGB monitor)
Watch out for snakes! (CGA with RGB monitor)
This snake is trapped (CGA with RGB monitor)
There is a chasm here (CGA with RGB monitor)
There is a gnome here (CGA with RGB monitor)
Found some stuff! (CGA with RGB monitor)
Could this parrot be helpful?
Lookout, a lion! (CGA with RGB monitor)
Found a boat (CGA with RGB monitor)
Arrived on an island (CGA with RGB monitor)
Attempting to climb to a treehouse (CGA with RGB monitor)
There's people in the mountains! (CGA with RGB monitor)
Need to buy anything? (CGA with RGB monitor)
How to cross this moat...(CGA with RGB monitor)
Exploring the castle (CGA with RGB monitor)
This might not be an ordinary bird (CGA with RGB monitor)
The beginning location (CGA with composite monitor)
A rather large snake here! (CGA with composite monitor)
The king of the snakes! (CGA with composite monitor)
There is a chasm here (CGA with composite monitor)
A little gnome is here (CGA with composite monitor)
Some stuff in a cave (CGA with composite monitor)
Be careful of this lion! (CGA with composite monitor)
Found a boat (CGA with composite monitor)
Arrived on an island (CGA with composite monitor)
Climbing up to a tree house (CGA with composite monitor)
Found treasure in a cave (CGA with composite monitor)
Follow the rainbow! (CGA with composite monitor)
There is an angry looking giant here (CGA with composite monitor)
How can I get into this castle? (CGA with composite monitor)
There is an angry boar here! (CGA with composite monitor)
I suspect that isn't an ordinary bird (CGA with composite monitor)
Hmm, nothing special about this giant frog (CGA with composite monitor)
Sierra On-Line logo (PCjr version)
title screen (PCjr version)
starting location (PCjr version)
face a rattlesnake in the desert (PCjr version)
cross a chasm (PCjr version)
the gnome will steal your treasures (PCjr version)
receive a vial from the parrot (PCjr version)
feed the hungry lion (PCjr version)
dig up a treasure chest (PCjr version)
follow the rainbow (PCjr version)
angry giant (PCjr version)
buy a horn from the peddler (PCjr version)
outside the castle (PCjr version)
Kiss the frog! (PCjr version)