Hungry Horace Screenshots

User Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Title screen.
Eat all dots (or stars) and avoid the enemies, just like in Pac-man.
If you take too long, an extra enemy will appear.
I'm doomed!
If you get the bell, the enemies will become afraid, and also kill-able for a short while.

Dragon 32/64 version

The loading screen makes good use of the useless "buff" colour scheme
The first screen
When you are killed, the screen flashes
Horace's gluttony continues onto the next screen
Pac-man never had this kind of mazes!

ZX Spectrum version

The title screen flashes through the colour palette
Game start
Heading towards the dead-end section
The second level has a pass-through at the top middle
While screen 3 cuts part of the left away
Game over does a similar thing to the start
Loading Screen (Sinclair Research Ltd).
Loading Screen (Investronica S.A.).
Demo game (Investronica S.A.).
Title Screen (Investronica S.A.).
Horace being caught
Horace and the fruit (...The Hills are alive with the s...)
Horace turns into Mr. Hyde (Muahaha)
Horace playing Houdini
Horace the Master of the Universe, closing a set of a loop.