Ice Climber Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title screen
The players can select a starting mountain
Climbing up
Hit a snowman
Reached bonus stage
No bonus for player 1!

Game Boy Advance version

Title screen
The eggplant ascends.
Attacking a yeti.
Bonus vegetable stage
That blasted bird!

NES version

Title screen
Try to climb your way to the top!
Use the mallet to smash bricks that block your way
Can you complete the bonus stage?
Watch out for falling icicles...
Some levels are very difficult
Trying to catch the bird
Seal bashing. I think that's illegal in most countries. (Japanese/European version)

PC-88 version

Title screen
A great big mountain o' ice to climb!
Bash the seals!
Bash the birds, too!
Bonus area, gotta collect the eggplants and reach the top!
Will he make it?
No, no he won't
Moving platforms can be troublesome
The second bonus area has a different vegetable
Knocked off the mountain by an enemy
The floor with the lines is slippery ice
Game over...

Sharp X1 version

Title Screen
Intro - Condor stealing an eggplant
First level
Bonus stage, recover stolen vegetables and get to the top of the peak
Where the Condor flies overhead and you can grab on for a bonus
Mountain 02 Score
Watch out for the falling icicles!
Two player mode