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Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Intro sequence
Intro sequence
Starting location (New York)
In Iceland.
At the old dig in Iceland.
In the jungle in Tikal.
Charles Sternhart, a rather shady fellow.
Inside the Myan temple.
In the Azores.
A cutscene.
Even the library holds adventure for Indy.
In the boiler room.
The lost dialogue of Plato!
In North Africa.
Monte Carlo.
The local merchant.
Off we go in a ballon!
Flying in a ballon.
Talking to a local nomad.
At a dig in North Africa.
Looking around.
Ruins in Crete.
More ruins.
What does this mean?
I think I need to use the stone disks.
In the labynith of Crete. Note the Lucas Art's logo on the wall.
Jump Indy!
Walking around.
A Nazi goon is threatening Omar. But Indy is here to save the day! (Action Path)
At the scene of the car wreck in Monte Carlo. (Wits Path)
Indy talks to the port authority on Thera. (Wits Path)
Indy runs into Arnold, the singing Nazi. (Action Path)
The airlock of Atlantis. (Action Path)
Indy has rescued Sophia from the Atlantean dungeon.
Indy and Sophia take a ride on a crab like raft in an Atlantean canal.
Indy takes the controls on an ancient Atlantean vehicle.
Indy and Sophia venture into the heart of Atlantis.
A maze of doors in the heart of Atlantis.
Indy must cross the lava pit.

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Finding the Atlantean statue serves as a prologue to the game
Barnett College
Indy's room
No tickets left for Sophia's show...
Some talk with the doorman may help to go in.
Sophia is telling the legend of Atlantis to the audience
Someone entered Sophia's office
Sophia's medallion
Exploring a cave in Iceland
Arriving in the Azores
Searching information on Plato's book in the Azores
In Tikal jungle
Mayan temple
Inside the Mayan temple
A cut-scene showing the Nazi villains
A Nazi stooge
What will you find here?
Wandering around ruins
In the labyrinth of Crete
Looks like an ancient tank of sorts...
Indy and Sophia take a ride
Omar Al-Jabbar's house (Wits Path)
The Nazi dig in North Africa (Wits Path)
A car chase in Monte Carlo. Nazi agents have kidnapped Alain Trottier, and it's up to you to save him (Wits Path)
You saved Trottier, by ramming your car into the Nazi agent's car. Trottier explains how he threw the Sun Stone that he was carrying out the car window during the chase (Wits Path)
On the island of Thera (Wits Path)
Exploring Thera (Wits Path)
It looks like you found another abandoned Nazi dig site (Wits Path)
Exploring an ancient tunnel on Thera (Wits Path)
A cutscene shows that the Nazis have kidnapped Sophia! (Wits Path)
Onboard the Nazi U-Boat disguised as a Nazi sailor (Wits Path)
A cutscene shows that Sophia is still being held by the Nazis (Wits Path)
The map room of Atlantis in the Labyrinth of Crete (Wits Path)
A Atlantean subway car! This subway will take you to Atlantis! (Wits Path)
Atlantis at last! (Wits Path)
The Lost City of Atlantis is laid out in three concentric circles as Plato described
What ancient wonders will Indy find in Atlantis?
Bird's eye view Algiers - following The Man In The Red Fez.
The submarine is getting close to Atlantis...
On of the mysterious rooms in the Atlantean maze...
Another room - if you don't have a strength to open a gate, how about letting a statue do it for you?...
The final escape - in this case discovering the secrets of the Atlantis means its destruction, nothing left for future explorers...

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis Screenshots

FM Towns version

Oh wow, play in English or in Japanese!.. Wait a sec. Why would you want to play an Indiana Jones game in Japanese?..
Oh yeah? And you fight like a cow!
Yup, the Big Apple...
Conversation choices. "Darwinian nightmare"?? That's a good one, hehe
Traveling map
Barnett College
I think I left some old FM Towns games in there
Hmm, now how can I stop this educational lecture?..
Those Germans. They just can't leave the atoms in peace
Iceland. Nice view!
Talking to the unfriendly Mr. Heimdall
View of the Azores
Jungle in Tical
Title screen
Indy holding an artifact, the FM Towns version has English voice acting in both Japanese and English modes
Messing up Sophia's seminar on Nur-Ab-Sal - the last king of Atlantis (Japanese mode)
Atlantean necklace in which Nur-Ab-Sal has transferred his spirit (Japanese mode)
On to the Azores (Japanese mode)
Sophia talking to the old grump Costa (Japanese mode)
Viewing IQ points (Japanese mode)
Monte Carlo hotel room (Team path), Sophia's seance with Trottier
In Algiers (Team path), all it takes is a little push...
Talking to a pissed off Sophia who fell in a hole at a nazi digsite (Team path)
In Crete, seeing Sophia through the surveyor's instrument (Team path)
A fight with Arnold in the labyrinth (Fist path), by far the most difficult fight in the game
Lost the fight so it's Game Over
Trying to maneuver the submarine into the air lock (Team path), notice the sub controls are only in 16 colors in this version
On a boat not too far off Thera (Fist path), controlling Sophia for a change as Indy is in the diving suit
Atlantis lava room, notice in this version the interface is in a different color (grey) than the other versions, also the inventory icons are in EGA (16 colors)
Kerner arguing with Dr. Uberman near the end

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis Screenshots

Macintosh version

Opening intro Indy's office
Bad guys passport he left in his coat
An who the bad guy was looking for Dr. Jones and Sophia
Game start - looking to find Sophia
In game save
Sophia's presentation
Sophia's office - they must have been looking for something
Another bad guy
Sophia's medallion
At the Iceland dig site
Talking to Dr. Bjorn
Classic Indiana Jones style cut scene for travel to Tikal
Entering the jungle
Well I can't jump it
Talking with Sternhart about exploring the temple
Entering the temple
Travel to the Azores
At Mr. Costa's house
The German laboratory
Coal room at Barnett college
Library at Barnett College
Exploring an artifacts room at Barnett College
Another artifacts room at Barnett College

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Options screen (GOG version)
Indy keeps on falling and falling (GOG version)
In library at Barnett College.
Furnace room.
Indy's office.
An artifact.
Guess Mr. Smith was not really Mr. Smith (GOG version)
Indiana Jones and Sophia
Going to New York City
At New York City.
Getting backstage past Biff the doorman (GOG version)
On a stage.
Sophia's presentation of Atlantis (GOG version)
In Sophia's room
Sophia displaying the power of the orichalcum (GOG version)
Somewhere in Iceland.
At dig site in Iceland.
Arriving at Azores.
Talking to Costa in the Azores... Sophia taking over (GOG version)
Somewhere in Tikal.
Crossing the ravine (GOG version)
Meeting Sternhart in Tikal (GOG version)
Inside a temple.
Secret Nazi laboratory.
At Barnett College
Searching for Plato's Lost Dialogue (GOG version)
Plato's book.
Loading screen (GOG version)
Key decision in the game where you select how you wish to set off on an adventure to find Atlantis (GOG version)
At Monte Carlo.
Tricking Sophia into becoming a target practice (GOG version)
Scheming how to steal the Worldstone (GOG version)
Indy's impersonating Nur-Ab-Sal to scare Mr. Trottier (GOG version)
Dealing with Omar Al-Jabbar (GOG version)
Stealing a balloon (GOG version)
Asking nomads for directions (GOG version)
Traversing the desert (GOG version)
It's too dark to see in here, you gotta let your eyes get used to the darkness (GOG version)
Borrowing some gasoline from the truck's reservoir (GOG version)
Rescuing Sophia and uncovering new clues (GOG version)
Flying to Crete (GOG version)
Arriving at the island of Crete (GOG version)
Exploring the ruins (GOG version)
Triangulating the position of a Moonstone (GOG version)
Using a Worldstone and a Moonstone to open the entrance to the cavern (GOG version)
Rescuing Sophia on a nazi U-boat (GOG version)
Navigating a sub, looking for entrance to Atlantis (GOG version)
Fighting one of the nazi soldiers in the outer circle of Atlantis (GOG version)
Give me some sugar, baby (GOG version)