International Superstar Soccer Deluxe Screenshots

User Screenshots

Genesis version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Select stadium and weather
Spain vs Colombia presentation
Stadium screen
Kick Off !
Great "Valderrama" touch
One vs one....
Corner Kick
Goalkeeper grazes the ball...
...but the ball falls on a rival feet
and he scores!! 1-1
Awaiting for the corner...
Red card! Bye bye...
Match presentation at a snowy night
Great control
Good running and better shoot...!
and Goaaaaallll !!
Danish players celebrating the 1-0
A powerful shoot
Goal Kick
"Batistuta" attacking
Great control in front of the area
A dangerous shoot...
Throw in
Amazing chilean shoot
Free Kick Training
Penalty Kick Training

PlayStation version

Title screen.
Main menu.
Team selection.
Choosing a stadium (and its climatic condition).
Handicap setup.
Improve your team after some skill editions...
It's Heads or Tails time!

SNES version

Introduction (2)
Title Screen
Team Select Screen
France - Italy, Ravanelli in action
Great opportunity
Match presentation
Before-game options
The match will start in a few seconds...
A lucky question
You win!
Germany - Holland, Kick Off
Great play
Time to create a gaming style
Goalkeeper in a captain functions
Penalty Kick
Argentina - Brazil
Goaaalllll !!
Great goalkeeper!
Germany shoots!
He made it!!
Time to celebrate
Portugal - Republic of Ireland
Free Kick
Stadium vision
Portugal - Spain
Portugal - Spain, Great control!
Uruguay - Sweden
Sweden creating an occasion...