Ultimate Battle Zombies Credits (iPhone)

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Ultimate Battle Zombies Credits


Developed byRiptide Games
Executive ProducerBrian Robbins
Creative DirectorMike Montgomery
Technical DirectorSeth Howard
Lead ProgrammerAllison Allain
ProgrammerSara Bine, Brian Robbins, Jonathan Hartstein
Art DirectorAdam Jones
Interface ArtistAsma Inam
Cinematic AnimatorAndrew Miller
Character IllustratorRemie Geoffroi
Animation SupervisorAdrian Bishop (Bloom Animation)
AnimatorEric Hinkley (Bloom Animation)
Character RiggingBenjamin Taylor (Bloom Animation)
MusicWhitaker Blackall
Audio DirectorJoe DeVanon (Bloom Animation)
Sound EngineerChris McNaughton (Relay Recordings)
SoundWhitaker Blackall
Senior ProducerJayson Flick
Text WriterMax Piesner, Mike Montgomery
Special ThanksOhm Unmongkolthavong, All of our friends and family, and you, the players.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Brian Robbins (299)