Ishin no Arashi Screenshots

User Screenshots

NES version

Title Screen
Starting a new game

PC-88 version

Title screen
Heading to the bright communist future!!.. Err... I mean the Meiji restoration, of course
Main menu
Campaign description
Choose your bloodthirsty... err... noble warlord
Warlord information
USA and Japan - a new era?..
Actions menu
Overview map
Fighting another warlord one-on-one!
Let's hear what he has to say...
See those muscles?!..
Oh my Lord, spare my life!!..
You can choose between different fighting styles
Looks like this guy is doing pretty well...
A ship arrives...
Viewing the warlords
Army information
Hey, where have you guys all gone to?... :)

PC-98 version

Title screen + introducing generals
Historical background
Funny intro :)
Choosing a scenario
Choosing a general
Hmm, this general is a bit... isolated
Not much of an army, eh?
Personal statistics
Province map
Map of Japan
This general starts in a heavily populated city
Diplomacy? How nice :)
Game Over...
This scenario begins with the ship sailing to faraway lands...
Stop hitting me with bubbles :)
Keep an eye on your friends... and your enemies
Taking a bath! But how!... Just look at the bottom right... Ayayayayay!..
Market square
You caused quite a commotion
Harbor area

Sharp X68000 version

Title screen A
Title screen B
Main menu
Start of the game
Them's fightin' words!