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Browser version

Loading screen
Episodes 1 to 3 are available.
As there is no support for savegames, the workaround was to introduce level selection.
Can you spot a minor difference?
Level completed. The game runs in Opera web browser as well.

DOS version

Title screen
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Pacman, anyone?
menu screen
SS officers receiving a one-gun salute.
This Gretel would just not be the same without the golden ponytails (braided, I'm sure).
Herr doktor throws deadly syringes at you. The strange silver-pole-like thing to the right is a green-handled syringe flying toward you.
And, of course, the obligatory showdown with a mechanized Hitler.
The End of the evil Dr!
The wimpy difficulty !
Using the knife.
Square off !
Some funny stuff.
Some more funny stuff !
Select episodes
Game loading
Start episode 1 - level 1
ANSI art logo used in Apogee Software's downloadable shareware installer.
In v1.0, B.J. is apparently wearing a guard's uniform. In later versions this was changed to grey fatigues to match his appearance on the title, score and story screens.

Game Boy Advance version

Title screen
Main menu
The German shepherds are the weakest enemies you will encounter
The gun is a slow weapon, just good enough for the first level.
The machine gun is a well-balanced weapon.
The chaingun is the most powerful weapon.
Either kill or get killed.
Pick up treasures to increase your score.
Keys enable you to access to secured areas.
Aryan blue enemy.
Enemy. Solution - tratatatatata!!!!
Nazi treasure's guardian

iPad version

Loading screen
Main menu
Mission level
Game start
Yep! This looks like the place alright.
Had to put the pup down
Another victim
Now we are talking a machine gun
Treasure stash
Nearing the level exit
Level stats

iPhone version

Main Menu
Only one more Nazi stands between me and the level exit.
The start of a custom map - looks like there are many enemies ahead.
I died...
There are some Hitler zombies ahead casting fireballs.
Looks like a dining hall
The original didn't have an automap feature.
Hording gold? Your mistake!

PC-98 version

Title screen
Hmm, interesting how age ratings were given that day...
Main menu
Selecting the episode
The humorous difficulty descriptions in Japanese. Not sure if the humor still works :)
Yeeeahh!.. :)
Getting started. Episode 1 begins... with a fresh corpse
Seeing all those prisons just makes me want to... eat chicken
A typical Wolf 3D large hall with Nazi paraphernalia and soldiers wandering about
Hitler's portraits are everywhere. Yuck
What's this knight doing here?..
This is what a level exit looks like
Post-level completion statistics
Oh no!... Well... what can you do... this dog attacked you
Looks like someone was tortured in this room...
Taking on two maniacal blue-uniformed Nazis at once. Eat that, you scum!!..
Episode II begins with a psychedelic yellow sewer-themed level
With those red eyes, he could have passed for a bunny! If he didn't shout and shoot at me, that is
Yes, I know you want gold, but don't try to take on a soldier with a knife!
Wonderful weather outside, and I have nothing better to do than stare at digitized portraits of a famous mass murderer
Typical Wolf 3D maze. The level design in this game was... well... nice for its time, I guess, but Doom totally blew it out of the water
I think they overdid this whole "Hitler everywhere" thing... and what's with the artsy mosaics?..
Some signs in German. "Verboten" means "forbidden". English and German languages are closely related, you know
Machine gun helps against this crazy captain. But he is still tough!..
You can run the installation/setup program from within the game

Xbox 360 version

Title screen.
All of the six PC episodes are here.
Unlike older console ports, the enemies keep their angle-view sprites.
The view is locked to the 4:3 aspect ratio, and can be zoomed but not stretched.
Much like the original, things look better at a distance.
No censorship cuts. No Super NES giant rats instead of dogs.
The results are too good to have simply scaled the original art. But any redrawing is subtle.
Enemies are still retro-blocky up close.
Also, no additions from the Mac/3DO versions. Just a straight port of the PC original.

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