The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
No RPG is complete without a sewer dungeon
Our cute heroine
Displaying the area of your actions during battle
You cast a water spell
This is a "craft attack", pretty much the same as limit breaks in Final Fantasy games
The whole orb system is quite complex. Here you have a sort of a guide for this system
In your house
The game features anime-style portraits
Pre-rendered intro animation
Battle! Choose your standard commands
Hey baby, I'm ready to do some dirty work for you!
In a church
This is your world map
Character status screen
Position your party members on the field
Outside of your house
Small wilderness area
In a town
The "talk" bubble appears automatically
Buying and selling
Nice view of the airship circling around the tower
Wow, what a nice hotel!
A history lesson for you...
Looking for a job!