LEGO Stunt Rally Screenshots

User Screenshots

Game Boy Color version

Title screen
Options screen
On your marks.
The scenery is made of lego.
Too much speed around the corners results in you coming of the track just like in real-life Scalextric.
You can choose one of the wacky looking characters as your driver.
There are a few different types of car to select.
Use the ramps to get high in the air.

Windows version

Title Screen
Track Construction
Four racing modes
Championship Map
Car Selection
Starting Line
Opponents for the next race
Big fans lift you off the track.
You can get stuck in the mud.
The giant loop.
A big jump.
Afterburner increases speed and improves grip
Not good idea to run on everything that gets on my way
Somebody shot me and transform me into ice cube
Waterfalls are eye-candies in this game
Went slow on the ramp and result was this giant leap
Track selection
These amazing tires help you go through corners with full speed
You have won that many goodies after finishing championship