Devil Whiskey Credits

Game Credits

Lead ProgrammerJustin Binns, Phillip Martin
Development ManagerJustin Binns, Phillip Martin
ProgrammingPhillip Martin, Dennis Payne, Rob Stanley, James Holloway
Game ArtRobert Thomas (Interface - textures - Monster and Race art), Socar Myles (2D Monster and NPC portraits), Ulrike Kleinert (2D Race and NPC portraits), Hope Hoover (Race Portraits), Jon Starnes (2D Animation and Secondary Race and Monster Art), Reymundo Sierra (3D Scenes - textures and Cut Scenes)
Music ScoreJon Starnes
Audio Sound EffectsJon Starnes
Bard Songs recorded atBeachwood Studios Cleveland OH USA
Game System and RulesWolfgang Diehr, Peter Cwienk, Jon Starnes
Storyline ScriptJon Starnes, Peter Cwienk
Storyline Script edited byWilliam Hiles
Game Tome and ManualPeter Cwienk, Jon Starnes, Wolfgang Diehr, Justin Binns, Jay Binns
Business ContactJon Starnes
Project CoordinatorJon Starnes
Art CoordinatorJon Starnes
Legal RepresentativeJeff Reed
Creative InputJeff Reed
PartnerJeff Reed

Past Team Members

ProgrammingJustin Binns (Former Dev Lead and Programming)
ArtRobert Thomas (former Art Director - monster art portraits - textures and Web and Interface design), Bernard Kang (Monster Art), Sedone Thongvilay (Monster Art), Jeff Doten (Manual Art)
Story conceptsJason Lane (Laneraven)
Classes and Character designJason Lane (Laneraven)
Class and Item conceptsMike O'hara (Jack O'Hare)

Special Thanks

Background flute and whistlesPaul Busman
"Bard's Songs" Produced bySteve Simmons (Beachwood Studios OH USA)
Headjoint for Bard's flute provided byRobert Johnson (Flute Specialists Inc)
and handcrafted byBob Ogren (Woodlight Headjoints)
The wonderful Flute on all the 'Bard Songs' recordingsRose Lemmers (
More Special ThanksTroy Cheek (, Tome Greene (The Cow God -, Greg Brady, Geordus Wordweaver, Ed Chigliak, Brian Decker, Zorvex master of a few Multiverses

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